Wednesday, November 2, 2005


Another thought-filled title.

So, I suck at writing lately. I wish I could say that it's because I
was so busy doing all sorts of fantastic touristy stuff. But it's not
so. We've been very laid back these days, not rushing, not doing a
whole lot except wandering the streets, finding cute pubs and
restaurants to spend time in. Which has been thoroughly enjoyable.

Riga is similar to Tallinn in that its old town is still quite
medieval. Very very cute. Cobblestone streets are just so quaint.
Although I have absolutely no idea how the women walk so easily in
their high stilletto heels. Yup, that's the trend here too.

It's odd coming to a country that you know nothing about. To me, Latvia
was a big blank. I was completely ignorant. It's been so interesting to
learn about their history and their attitudes now. Apparently there's
quite a grudge against the Russians and even though a huge percentage
of the population is Russian, they have instigated some very
discriminating laws. Apparently, Russians living in Latvia aren't even
granted citizen status. They are "non-citizens" and have a passport
that says so. How strange.

Anyway, we've had a good time here, learning a bit about the past and
present. Of course we wish we had more time. Never enough time or
money. Sigh....

Last night was a big night, with the special Latvian drink "black
balsam", flaming absinthe, and plenty of vodka and beer in between.
Tonight I fly to London where I'll have a long 8 1/2 hours to wait
before heading to Edinburgh, my final destination before heading back
home. I can't believe this trip is almost over. So much has happened
and it's gone so fast. Traveling with my siblings has, overall, been a
success. Of course we have had our share of arguments and full out
screaming fits, but in the end I think we're all very happy with the
way things worked out. Good times, good memories.

Well, it's off for one last meal together before I head to the airport. The end is near!


Marley said...

wow, I\'m so envious of all your adventures! Sounds like so much fun. What on earth are you going to do with yourself back in Canada?

Laoch said...

Oh - I want a black balsam!!!

Unknown said...

whoa... i stop blogging for like a month and your in LATVIA??!?!?!? hope you have a safe trip home!

hellachella said...

More Update. Da.

Bonnie said...

I am revisiting your blog. I love your writing style. Wish I could be your student! :)

Miss said...

Interesting adventure thus far hun! I always find that the other slavic(spelling???) nations have this very big grudge against the Russians. Understandably so, they were under the Russian Communist Rule. However, at somepoint they\'re going to have to get over it, let the healing begin and move on with accepting that everyone has their faults and it\'s not communist rule anymore. In the words of Rodney King "Can we all get along??"Well looking forward to hearing about Edinburgh and all it\'s castles and other lovely medieval like structures. And well the pubs!! Ohhh the Pubs!!

Rhiannon said...

Sounds like great fun! I hope to hear more later on!

The Lovely Lindsey said...

make the most of it!Way to come back here just in time for snow...

Jade said...

Oooooh nooooooo, You\'re leaving!!!Waaa.... Maybe I will go back to the beginning of this blog adventure & start over.... I will say again, you really should publish it... It has been an absolutely wonderful trip. For all of us!

Unknown said...

WoW!Thats sooo wonderful. I am happy to see you are doing well and thrilled to know you are having such a good time of it.I have missed you terribly my friend.When you get home , email me and I will send you my #!Take Care xoxAng

Manda said...

Hope you are enjoying your travels! Wow, that\'s interesting that Russians aren\'t considered citizens in Latvia. I too, know nothing about Latvia.

Theresa said...

Ambling about streets is my favorite thing to do in foreign countries too! When I was living in Holland high heels were all the rage (when aren\'t they?) and I could not for the life of me walk in them on cobblestones. I saw so many Dutch women doing it I thought it couldn\'t be so hard. Not so. Very hard. But it the Netherlands it didn\'t matter that much seeing how I biked almost everywhere, and that is just as easy in heels as in flats.

Nancy said...

Knock Knock! LOL to have u back on the block! MGirl.

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