Sunday, June 19, 2005

what's for dinner?

When we eat out, usually the menus are all in Chinese. But occasionally there is an English translation. However, it isn't always that helpful. Here is a selection from one restaurant that could probably do with a new interpreter:

  • smoded young pigeon
  • rumpet head mixed green melin
  • duck pared the skin
  • pig's bowed and tammy was famed
  • jie-jie gristle cooked with Chinese pot
  • large intestine cooked in iron plate
  • vetch and wing
  • the fin with fresh crab is in impendent pot
  • dismantle fresh crab with fin
  • tender top with sppeced
  • mashed porate
  • mixed with home
  • espercial cooking duck chip
  • best old duck
  • sea slug pot porcine abdomen
  • wing juice cabbage
  • the soup have salf chop and radish
  • flood unresrine quick boiled fat
  • bean curd is distinctive
  • prairie jerk
  • ling code and yellow

And my two favourites:

  • cutlet like airing clothes
  • the bouilli is button up

Yum yum! There's a nice little message at the back of the menu too.

Your advent is our honoor, serving for you is our expectation, wishing you progress and pleasure and the lucky and health will go with you forever.

Isn't that nice. Everything sounds better in Chinglish.


Laoch said...

One of my neighbors loves to go to the Chinese Market and has the idea that I like Chicken feet. So she often drops off a steaming pile of chicken feet at my door! Ugh!!

hellachella said...

Yer funny. Yup. You\'re on my list of super cool blogs to stalk. Feel honored. I love Olios.M

hellachella said...

Ok- So I removed the "Mandy" from my site. I didn\'t like it- but I did it. I will now refer to you as Amandapandalina. That way there will be no confusion.

islandgirl said...

ROFLMAO........who do they get to translate!!!! I see products here, produced there, and again the \'chinglish\' is freaking hilarious!!!!! Puts me in mind of people who get chinese characters as tatoos.....they think it means peace, love, health or whatever, and actually it says you are an idiot, or some such thing......have a great one!C u later

Anonymous said...

Please check this out when you have the chance:; jm

Marley said...

sounds yummy.....*lol*bet you can\'t wait to get home for good Canadian cuisine....some poutine? a caesar? a beaver tail?ha hatake care

Megan said...

Hah, great list! What really disturbs me is trying to figure out what they meant...and then wondering how the hell people can eat whatever it is I think it means. Eek!

The Lovely Lindsey said...

um... I\'m glad I\'m still in the beautiful nation of Canada!

monty said...

trouble is ..... it all seems to make sense - must go and lie down ....

Stephan said...

*grin* your profile pic really does remind me of a teacher I used to have in grade school :) Hope you have a great week!Steph.

deadites said...

I\'ll have some of the best old duck mixed with home please..

Unknown said...

Everyone in my office thought I was a little loopy while I read this. I couldn\'t stop giggling and giggling at work is frowned on... Now I\'m the weird one that sits in her office and giggles.

hellachella said...

Sooooo, the question burning in my mind is...What\'d you order???Michelle

Unknown said...

i was thinking what michelle was thinking... what did you order?? and how and or what was it?!michy

Jody said...

LMAO at "chinglish"

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