Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Scavenger hunt day!

Woohoo! Today is our staff day out and they've organized some sort of scavenger hunt. I love games! Then we going out for a free dinner. I love free!

In less happy news, the shoilet is really stinking today. Once I said something about "stinking to high heaven" and my friends made fun of me for saying that. It is a strange expression. Hmm.

So here's a mind-numblngly fun link for you. it's hypnotic.... I'm so easily amused.


hellachella said...

Dang you with the fun fun swirlies. Dang you to Halifax.M

karen said...

HAHA AHAHAHAHA......"I am not a stain"... "stinking to high heaven" HA HA HA....Got two for you.....My mom always said to us growing up "your big and ugly enough to do that for yourself", it was a loving comment....I it was I said it to my nephew one day, when he was asking to have something he was capable of doing done for him.....his response (at 4) was \'I am not ugly\'....sigh...Then I have someone who was 16 and I was 28......she is vegan...and this day was wining about something, so I said \'would you like some cheese with that wine?\'...she said \'you know I\'m vegan and can\'t eat cheese!!!\' with complete disdain ......the 4 yr olds have an 16, time to grow up!I love weird expressions and sarcasm!!!!C U later (ps....almost posted this to the next entry.....then scrolled down and belongs here!!!!!)

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