Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Manders 101

Alright, 101 things about me, in no particular order....

1. First name: Amanda
2. Middle name: Blue
3. I've been to 34 coutries (technically 35, but I don't count one because I was only cutting through)
4. I have a phobia of moths (really out of control and quite humiliating)
5. I was once a judge in a wet T-shirt contest
6. I lived in Scotland for over 2 years
7. I lived in N.Z for about 8 months
8. I have been living in China for over 8 months
9. I have a scar by my left eye from falling when I was 2 (my clumsiness goes way back)
10. I love going to Stars on Ice (yay Kurt!)
11. I love Buffy and Angel (mock all you like, they're good shows!)
12. I hate popcorn
13. I think tomatoes are gross
14. But oddly, I like bruscetta
15. I prefer salty snacks to sweet snacks
16. At home, I still have 3 stuffed animals that stay in my bed with me (yeah, yeah....)
17. First real job: Taco Bell
18. Longest job (so far): Olive Garden (4 years!)
19. Fave alcoholic drink: caesars, paralysers, and of course good ole beer!
20. I accept, and most of the time like, my height- 5'3"
21. Most exotic things I've eaten: dog, silkworm, possum, snake and sea cucumber
22. I can't cook
23. I like to pretend i'm going to puke ("I don't feel so good....blech! heh heh)
24. I can play the piano (took lessons for 10 years)
25. I can speak French (although I'm really out of practice)
26. I'm learning Chinese (verrrrrrrrry slowly)
27. I was an English major
28. I choose Coke over Pepsi
29. Fountain coke over canned coke
30. But the best is grapefruit pop. Mmmmmm........
31. Favourite cereal: Muffets (shreaded wheat) with LOADS of brown sugar
32. I hate the word "panties"
33. Do NOT call me Mandy
34. I like the sound of an overhead compartment on an airplane clicking shut
35. My first word was 'cow'
36. My first phrase was "good girl!" (praising myself - ha!)
37. I have an extensive My Little Pony collection that I just can't part with
38. I have memorised most of the world capitals
39. The best-named capitals are Oagadougou (in Burkina Faso) and Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei)
40. I've got nice boobs (what?? I do!)
41. Ewan McGregor is hot and I love him (but not in Star Wars)
42. I prefer clean-shaven to any sort of facial hair
43. Best ice cream: Paradiso-NZ/Solero-UK ("premium vanilla ice cream wrapped in a soft, tropical fruit sorbet" Mmmmmmmmmm.)
44. I'm Jewish
45. I love bagels (and money)
46. I can't throw anything away. I have boxes of stuff containing useless things like old notes from Jr. high, a shoebox full of marbles, and even "amanda" stickers from grade 1 - that's 1983 people!!!
47. I only eat the brown (and sometimes yellow) M&Ms
48. I'm extremely indecisive
49. Job I'd love: writer for Maxim
50. I've gone bungee jumping (340 ft - Woohoo!)
51. I've gone skydiving (10,000 ft!)
52. I've gone white-water rafting
53. Fun animals I've ridden: donkey, camel, elephant
54. The donkey tried to hump another donkey while I was on it
55. The camel ran away with me on it (it was very scary and I cried lots)
56. The elephant knocked a woman over trying to get the bananas out of her hands, then went on a little rampage pulling up small trees (yes, I was on it the whole time)
57. I became a certified SCUBA diver at the Great Barrier Reef
58. I love the french word for tire: "pneu". It's just so fun to say!
59. I will always blow my straw wrapper at whoever I'm sitting with. I just can't help myself
60. I love playing games - trivia games especially
61. I could kick your ass at a game of pool (but at least I'm modest)
62. I can fold my tongue into a clover shape
63. I love going to Costco just for the free sample stands.
64. I'm very good at keeping secrets
65. I hate it when I don't know a secret!
66. I have a slight fixation with keychains. I have a huge mass of them all attached to one another, but I only have 2 keys.
67. I still love playing dress-up. I go all out for Halloween and theme parties! One of my best costumes was when I went as trailer trash. One day when I get back to Canada, I'll have to scan in the photo!
68. The word "armpit" grosses me out. I don't even like writing it!
69. I am a VERY slow shopper. Must compare everything and search for the best price. Also picky about getting the best copy of something (I had to exchange a season of Angel because the box I bought had a dent in it)
70. I love etymology and anything to do with word/phrase origins. Where customs come from too...I could spend hours in the reference section of a bookstore!
71. I can sing the alphabet backwards (I even invented my own tune!)
72. The tune didn't quite fit so I had to add an extra "la la" at the end - it sounds ridiculous
73. I quite smoking 1 year, 7 months and 11 days ago
74. I sing along to the radio, even when I don't know the words
75. The first concert I went to was INXS (1992?)
76. I received 6 awards in high school and one in university (English Lit type stuff)
77. I like to fake arguments with my friends in public places. The confined little bank machine area is great because the bystanders can't get away.
78. I HATE the feel of cotton balls. *shudder*
79. I'm good at bargaining
80. I tested positive for tuberculous when I was 15 (had Xrays and a tube shoved down my throat, then had to take many big pills for several months)
81. I like the smell of gasoline
82. Thunderstorms make me giddy and happy.
83. I'm open-minded
84. I'm a lot more sentimental than people probably think
85. Favourite birthday cake: Angel food cake with whipped cream and raspberries. Mmm!
86. I still like to have mini-duels with cocktail swords
87. I have 2 younger siblings - a sister and a brother. We used to play fun games like I'm the queen and you're my orphan slaves!
88. I love looking at all stationery type things - new notebooks, pens etc
89. I often call people jerkball. I know, I'm too cruel.
90. I'm considered a "foreign expert" here in China, and I've got the documents to prove it!
91. I don't like any form of mint drinks - in fact, mint is only good in after dinner candy form
92. I was vice-president of my school in grade 4.
93. I was president of my school in grade 6.
94. I wasn't cool enough to run for anything in jr. high
95. I shot an M-16 in Vietnam
96. I love that moment right before a first kiss
97. As soon as someone tells me their name, I forget. It's nothing personal
98. I'm from Winnipeg and proud of it!
99. I love dumb jokes (ex: what's brown and sticky?...A stick! OR what do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back?....A stick! Hmm....maybe I just love stick jokes!)
100. I wish I could write a novel
101. I always pack last minute (heading to airport in 3 1/2 you think I'm ready??)


Corrina said...

You are too great! I don\'t think I could think of 100 things about myself to put in my own space *thinking confused look*

Jen said...

have a safe trip.. coincidentally my fave birthday cake was always angel food cake with whip cream too..but strawberries for me =D

Marley said...

LOL, that was awesome to read. I see we have a few things in the weird stationary fetish! Glad to know there are others like me out there ;)

Tracie said...

WOW!!!!! I just lived vicariously through you just was that I can say I have I gone places as well...yipppeeeee...and man do I feel extra super smart now....holy crap...ya know I always loved playing the piano...took lessons for years as well...i got as far as grade 6 in the Royal Conservatory......something in common.Sheeeit...ain\'t gonna read too many of those, way too many flippen questions...but I KNEW you would have some gooders for lack of a better word.Walks back and forth with sign "PEPSI" "PEPSI" lmbo~*~* CHEERS *~*~

Unknown said...

i see david and i only came in at #87... and only mentioned in reference to make-believe games where you were queen... hrmph... i can\'t believe cocktail sword fights came before us! yeesh...otherwise, i\'d say that pretty much sums you up..... :P is there going to be a test later?love you MANDY! muahahahaha!!!

Ten4Apricot said...

K well you sound like a blast... the problem is now I have to go and change my Blogger 101 and make it better lol!

Josie said...

13. & 14 - Tomatoes and Bruscetta .. I completely hear ya understand ..I don\'t even eat ketchup ...but I love bruscetta and salsa ..mmm

Unknown said...

As always , the things of really great stuff Manders!!!WOOT! I only have 1 Question ... ok so you can\'t cook ... does that mean you HAVE to resort to eating dog, silkworm, possum, snake and sea cucumber??????Yikes girl!!!! LOL ! You know im just teasin ya!!!!!Haha!Have a ROCKIN\' trip and drink some paralyzers for me too ok!!!!!!HugsssssssAngie xox

Jade said...

Hey, Me too,me too,me too!

Nancy said...

What a girl! You\'ve done some awesome things..MetroGirl=)

Vern said...

Wow nice list. I would love to pick you brain sometime for travel tips or things you have seen.

Jenny said...

LOL....I really enjoyed this. Once again, you\'ve made yourself up as a comedienne, not a bloody foreign english teacher!\'s all good momma - you\'re an interesting gal. Hope you have a blast on the island of paradise. :p

Laoch said...

Maxim is a very insightful magazine!

Unknown said...

wow... ive run into so many people that i have soo much in common with! saddly you aren\'t one of them! jk manders!!!! im coming back to comment more, but i just stopped in to skim and enjoy your list! you had me cracking up all the way!!!!

Amy said...

Great list!for a minute I thought you wouldn\'t have it done cause of the trip!Have a good trip!

Stang said...

It is always cool to be in the company of a fellow pack-rat. :-)

JessieJo Taylor said...

and where were you when riding the fun animals? Fun reading your101.

Ziggy said...

Best list I\'ve read yet. Made me laugh a lot. Salty snacks rule and beware the wrath of my straw gun! I will get you! Coke sucks and if oyu don\'t like that then... well.. you\'re a jerkball!

Theresa said...

I love your animal riding stories.... the things people will put between their legs eh?Have fun! (Sounds like you always do!)

Heather said...

you were in Nam,the war or the counrty?Hard to believe you are old enough to have been there during the war.Nice brag list tho..does all that make you a better person?

Laoch said...

Mander, have you ever been to Shanghai?

n said...

great "101"! i\'m so impressed by how much so many of us all seem to have in common with one another!i hope you\'re having a wonderful holiday! the temps sound lovely.

rob said...

I love you, and someday, you will carry my numerous children.Luckily, I will be purchasing those children from Vietnam, so it will not be all that difficult. But be prepared.Did you think I was ever coming back? I didn\'t. But now I have! Hooray for me.Also, comments on your thing:1. I also DESPISE the feeling of cotton balls. It sends shudders down my spine thinking about it.2. My grandparents live in Winnipeg.3. My boobs: not especially nice. But they are boy boobs. And they feel OK, and I like touching them.4. You are 4 years older than me. Unless you failed Kindergarten or Grade 1. Then you are 5 years older.5. I have never bitten a Jewish person on the tummy. But someday, you will help me change all that.

Jenna said...

lol YES! I knew I wasnt the only one deathly afraid of cottons balls! the feeling of them is just soo nasty! Chills just thinkin about it!!!!!

islandgirl said...

OMG I am still rolling on the floor laughing from your 101........have a great holiday

The Lovely Lindsey said...

this is one of the best 101\'s i\'ve seen... much better than mine!

MapleLeafKideh said...

If you only eat brown and (sometimes) yellow M&M\'s I suggest Rieces Pieces!! lol...."E.T. Phone Home"Blog it Like it\'s Hot!!

Jen said...

holy sh*t woman.. aren\'t you back yet?!? LOL

Jody said...

Hilarious! You poor girl though!...maybe you should stick to riding things that dont hump, run away, or go on bicycles? :)

Unknown said...

97. As soon as someone tells me their name, I forget. It\'s nothing personalIt\'s been my New Year\'s Resolution every single year for at least 10 years - I hate it that I can\'t remember names!You\'re quite well-traveled, interesting, and funny, YAY! (now, what\'s your name, again?) ;)

Marley said...

Hey! Thanks so much for leaving the comments on my space. Your 101 was the first one I read I think \'cause you posted early. I had a blast and it\'s nice to know that other ppl have some weird quirks like me. Anyhow, stop by again soon. I need to get my arse in gear and start blogging more frequently. Take care.MarleyI love Caesars and good old beer, too. Or beer with clamato....YUMMY!

noroom said...

whoa, you\'re in china? how awesome is that? cool 101, i loved the "what\'s brown and sticky" joke =D

Awesum said...

Wow, I am so jealous of all your cool travelling experience!

Aileen said...

I really want you to write for Maxim and write a novel too! It would be so great.

Unknown said...

Great read. I enjoyed a serving of fruit while i read(i think fruitrollups count).Canada is missing you.R

sarah said...

you really should write a novel someday. :)

Cindy said...

hmm very sem like an interesting person to know..

Unknown said...

Wow! I have a lot in common with you. I never thought I\'d meet anyone else who hated the feel of cotton balls. I shudder just thinking of the feel!

Sarah-Lou said...

LOL! Your life sounds very interesting, vibrant, and even hilarious at times!

Unknown said...

I\'d like to Charmin-test your boobs.

Tanya said...

Hey, just passing through via Az\'s space...happy travelling...Tanya

Lou said...

Hey Amanda!
Just surfing through Spaces and thought I\'d say hello.  Nice job on the 101 list...I tried it too and I know it\'s not easy.  I\'m envious of all your traveling...I haven\'t been much of anywhere, but I\'ll get out and see the world someday!  Bye for now!

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